Sensory integration disorder

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What is Sensory Processing Disorder Anyway?

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Does my child have sensory processing disorder?

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Sensory Integration: Tips to Consider. Contributed By Kim Davis and Melissa Dubie.

sensory integration disorder

Sensory processing is the “procedure in which we take in sensory messages from our bodies and surroundings. Definition of SPD Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD (originally called Sensory Integration Dysfunction) is a neurological disorder in which the sensory information that the individual perceives results in abnormal responses.

Sadly there really is no clear way to explain this. My daughter suffers from Sensory Integration Dysfunction and when she experiences a new scent, texture, taste, what ever sense is affected, she experiences a shocking pain.

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) has long been associated with autism, and its external manifestations are often what lead a parent to getting a diagnosis. Sensory integration disorder or dysfunction (SID) is a neurological disorder that results from the brain's inability to integrate certain information received from the body's five basic sensory systems.

These sensory systems are responsible for detecting sights, sounds, smell, tastes, temperatures. Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses.

Formerly referred to as sensory integration.

Sensory integration disorder
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Sensory Processing Disorder, SPD, Sensory Integration, Sensory Integration Dysfunction